My name is Ian Shepherd, and movingtribes.com is my home for writing, sharing content and other digital things.

I've variously been a CEO, COO and CMO, always with a focus on consumer brands and on digital innovation. I've had the great good fortune to lead some of Europe's biggest and most exciting brands at key stages in their evolution, from the launch of digital TV in the UK, the transformation of the mobile phone from telephone to web browsing device and the emergence of digital and social gaming.

I've seen businesses grow and succeed (including the near-doubling of profits for the Odeon & UCI cinema group which you can read about here ) but also seen businesses challenged and ultimately defeated by changing consumer needs and behaviours.

My objective here is to turn those experiences into blogs, discussions and debates that help inform and entertain those who might be living through similar business challenges.

Away from work, I have a range of other interests both tech and otherwise. I code (including this site), and own, with my wife, a digital business in the children's book market.